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Courtney Jones


The Rev. Courtney Jones grew up in Arkansas, a United Methodist from birth. After graduating from Hendrix College in 2005, she spent a year at Claremont School of Theology before coming out. Knowing she couldn’t be ordained in the church of her birth, Courtney took a year off before transferring to Boston University School of Theology, where she received her Master of Theological Studies degree in 2008. She stayed in Boston, working in a software development company, and she joined Hancock United Church of Christ in Lexington, MA. It didn’t take long before she realized God was, indeed, still speaking—and still calling her to ordained ministry! So she went back to seminary at Andover Newton Theological School, where she received her Master of Divinity in 2014. Almost immediately after graduation, Courtney was called as Associate Pastor for Children’s Spiritual Formation at Hope Central Church in Jamaica Plain, a neighborhood of Boston. In the five and half years as pastor of Hope Central, Courtney served as associate pastor, Sabbatical Senior Pastor (while the senior pastor was away on sabbatical), and ultimately, her title and role changed to Pastor for Children and Community Life. Ministry is the true calling of her life--she is passionate about living and loving in the way of Jesus, working with people across age, race, nationality, faith (or lack thereof), sexual orientation, and gender expression. Each person is a unique embodiment of the Divine, and together we have the joy and challenge of being the Body of Christ.

Courtney lives with her spouse, Auggie, and their three dogs. On October 17th, 2022, their family expanded when Theodore Stevenson Jones was born!!  Courtney finds spiritual grounding in nature, singing with a choir, reading, and experiencing live theater, among other things. She loves exploring new hiking trails with Auggie and the dogs, binge-listening to the latest true crime podcasts, and drinking all the tea she can get her hands on.  Courtney feels so blessed that God has called her to be the Pastor at Pilgrimage!

Meet Our Music Director

Music Director

Asa Bradley 2023.png

Asa Bradley

Asa Bradley grew up in the Metro-Atlanta area, a Baptist from birth.  After graduation from Heritage High School for the Visual and Performing Arts, he decided to further his education at Kennesaw State University and graduated in 2023.  He currently majors in Music Education with a concentration in Choral Studies.  While studying at KSU, Asa has participated in the Gospel Choir, Chamber Choir, and Men's Choir and--at a point--was a Teacher's Assistant for all of these ensembles.  Education courses through his veins as both his parents are Educators.  His father is an Associate Pastor at Mount Zion Baptist Church and his mother is a beautiful and faithful member of the choir.  Asa is not a stranger to church and is a Certified Lover of Christ.  He previously served at Northbrook United Methodist Church as a staff singer.  He believes that music is a key component needed to grow closer with God.  Asa is extremely thrilled to serve Pilgrimage and to provide thought-provoking liturgy to the congregation.

Meet Our Administrative Assistant
2023 My Website Pic.png

Lynne Buell

Administrative Assistant

Lynne came to Pilgrimage in the summer of 2009, and she joined our church in 2010.   A retiree from GMAC after 30 years, Lynne was hired as our Admin Assistant early 2010.  She was born and raised in Buffalo NY and proudly reveals that she is a survivor of the infamous Blizzard of '77 and is a die-hard Buffalo Bills fan!  Her love and devotion to the Pilgrimage community is reflected in her work and willingness to help in any way she can.  Lynne resides in Marietta with her two kitties, Lucy and Elijah.  When she is not preparing bulletins or other tasks required of an administrative assistant, she loves to cook, relax by watching movies, binge-watching popular TV series, and spending time with her family and friends.    

Meet Our Accompanist
Anna Mbiad.png

Anna Mbiad


Anna has been playing the piano since the age of eight.  She studied with Dr. Robert Henry and has been working towards the goal of learning and performing a concerto.  Her major is piano at Kennesaw State University and has 4 years teaching performance.   When not working on music, Anna spends most of her time at a boxing gym.

2023-2024 Church Council & Committee Overviews

Executive Committee

Committee Chairs

ken moss.png


Council Moderator

He leads our church's governing body and provides input and guidance to various committees and project groups.

2023 Lee Fadeley.png


Vice Moderator

He assists the president in leading the church's governing body and oversees special task forces & projects.

2023 Amy Jones.png



Receives a report from the Fin. Secy of all funds deposited & enters said deposits in the financial records.  Makes disbursements as authorized & keeps records of all receipts, disbursements & balances.  Signs contracts (with the President) & written obligations of PUCC.

Rochelle 2021.jpg


Asst. Treasurer

Assists the Treasurer with reports from the Fin. Secy of all funds deposited & entering said deposits in the financial records.  Is able to make disbursements as authorized & keeps records of all receipts, disbursements & balances.

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Financial Secretary

She receives all deposits, offerings, and other funds.  She also keeps records of contributions and pledges.

Rochelle 2021.jpg



She keeps minutes of all church meetings and handles most correspondence.  She also maintains a current list of members along with information on births, baptisms, marriages, and deaths.

Janet D_edited_edited.png
Darlene Wagner.png

Christian Education Committee

Janet & Darlene, Co-Chairs

With the pastor's help, this committee organizes and guides the educational ministry of the church for children, teens, and adults.  The primary focus is Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, and Confirmation instruction.



Stephen, Chair

The Deacons serve as liaisons between the congregation and the Pastor, maintaining regular contact and advising of any pastoral needs.  Deacons also assist the Pastor in administering the sacraments.

Kathleen and Susan_edited.jpg
Carol Hill.jpg.png

Parish Life

Susan & Carol, Co-Chairs

Engages members in social & recreational activities that foster the spirit & promote a sense of community among the PUCC family & friends.  This group also works with PUCC committees to organize & coordinate volunteers for fellowship events.

Clay Roth.png
2023 Laurie Spencer.jpg


Clay & Laurie, Co-Chairs

This group is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the church buildings, property, and equipment.  This committee also advises on the need for repairs and upcoming improvements.

Chris, Chairperson


Helene Oneill.png


Helene & Trudy, Co-Chairs


Working with the Pastor and Council, the Communications committee maintains the social media platforms, creates publicity and promotional materials, and manages the website.

2023 Greg Kask.png


Greg & Duke, Co-Chairs

The Stewardship committee works with the pastor in leading members and friends in support of the church’s activities through their commitment of time, talent, and financial resources. The group also prepares annual budgets and advises in matters concerning stewardship and fund raising.

Cindy Westlake 2022.jpg



The Missions committee plans and provides opportunities for the members of Pilgrimage to put their Christian beliefs into action in the community.  This group coordinates local, regional and global projects centered around our spiritual beliefs.

2023 Molly Moss.png
2023 Melissa Fadeley.png


 Molly & Melissa, Co-Chairs

The Worship committee assists the pastor with worship planning and helps schedule readers, ushers, and greeters.  The group also organizes the decoration of the church for holidays and special events.

Pilgrimage UCC Council Meeting Information

Our Council members hold one-year terms of office starting July 1 and continue through June 30 of the following year with the opportunity for consecutive terms.  Council meets monthly via Zoom on the second Thursday of the month; special meetings may be called by the President.  The Executive Committee and Committee Chairs submit reports about what has been done since the previous meeting. 

Council Zoom Meeting Information is the same for every meeting:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 857 1388 3551
Passcode: 994835

The Council Agenda can be reviewed by clicking on the link below:

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