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  • Can I see what a service is like before I get there?
    Yes! Each week, we provide a Facebook live-stream service during our 10 AM service. Just go to our Facebook Page a few minutes before 10 AM and click on the video. Also check our Facebook page to hear and view prior weekly worship services.
  • How big is the church?
    Our church is small compared to many in the area. Our Sanctuary can hold up to 120 people. Our 8:30 service averages around 15 in attendance, and our 10:00 service averages around 55 in attendance. We currently have 122 active members.
  • Do you have to be a member to take communion?
    No, you don't need to be a member. Everyone, regardless of their beliefs or religious affiliation, is welcome at our table. We believe that God's love is shared in the breaking of bread and we invite you to join in God's meal.
  • Are your facilities handicaped accessible?
    Our facilities are handicapped accessible. Our church is a one story facility that is easily accessed from the parking lot. With moveable chairs in the sanctuary, we can make as much space as you need for your mobility device. We also have a handicapped accessible restroom and our modular educational unit has a ramp for ease of access as well.
  • What is an Open & Affirming congregation?
    An Open & Affirming congregation is one that has made a public covenant to welcome EVERYONE in Christ. We won't turn you away or treat you differently if you are LGBTQ, muli- or bi-racial, or come from a different culture.
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