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Pilgrimage United Church of Christ is a small congregation located in East Cobb, located just off of Sandy Plains Road between Highway 92 and Shallowford Road.  Founded over 30 years ago, a small group of Presbyterians looking for a new worship experience, began meeting in a pizza parlor for worship and fellowship.  From there they met in a bowling alley, then another church, before breaking ground at our current location in 1984.

Now, over 30 years later, our faith is stronger than ever.  We believe God is still speaking.  Our beliefs are 2000 years old, but our thinking is not.  As such, we welcome everyone--rich, poor, black, white, bi-racial or multi-racial, gay, straight, transgendered, differently-abled, doubters, questioners, and believers.  We believe God's table of communion is for all and that God loves you no matter who you, or where you are on life's journey.

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