Patrick Prahl

Attending since 2000 

"I've been attending Pilgrimage my whole life and have never found another community whose genuine care for me has come close to what I have received here.  As a child growing up in this congregation I can remember adults treating me with respect and valuing my beliefs and opinions.  Pilgrimage has an amazing youth program that is a mix of meaningful spiritual learning and fun activities.  Pilgrimage is a place where people of all ages are included, valued, and loved. 

Fran Howard

Attending since 2001 

"I was looking for a place to continue my faith journey in an open and affirming environment.  What I found at Pilgrimage was all the elements to enrich and deepen that journey.  At Pilgrimage, we live our faith caring for each other and our community.  We advocate for social justice and the environment.  Pilgrimage has provided me the opportunity to serve my community and the wider world." 

Angela Gula

Attending since 2006 

"Pilgrimage is a place where my two sons can hear and learn that God loves everyone--no exceptions or exclusions.  In today's society, having a church that is open-minded and loving of all people is extremely important for me and my family.  At Pilgrimage we live what we say each Sunday, "No matter who you are, or where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here."  Those simple words have changed my life and brought me closer to God." 

Chris & Julia Shiver

Attending since 2005 

“We believe that God’s table is big enough to include all people.  Pilgrimage is a place where our faith is nurtured, our abilities and gifts identified so we can serve in the way God intends for us to serve, our need for community is fulfilled, and our joys and concerns can be shared with all and care, comfort, and support is provided.  Pilgrimage is a true Sanctuary for those who need refuge, a home, a safe place to be themselves.”