Devotion - September 17, 2020

Joel 1:8–10

Lament like a virgin dressed in sackcloth

   for the husband of her youth.

The grain-offering and the drink-offering are cut off

   from the house of the Lord.

The priests mourn,

   the ministers of the Lord.

The fields are devastated,

   the ground mourns;

for the grain is destroyed,

   the wine dries up,

   the oil fails.

Reflection by Janet Derby

One of the consequences I heard about the pandemic is that because so much French wine went unsold during the lock-down, the winemakers began turning it into hand sanitizer. Clearly not one of the saddest outcomes, but I admit I was sad to hear it. There has been and continues to be far too much to lament about our world. Fires on the west coast are having a devastating effect on both the land and the health of those who live there. Tropical storms are so numerous this year that we are going to run out of the list of names chosen. The pandemic is causing long lines at food pantries. It is tempting to want to turn off the news and try to ignore these issues. But creation is in mourning and we need to take heed to it.


Creator God,

We grieve all that we have done to your creation. Help us to take better care and find ways to restore its beauty. Amen.  


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