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Devotion - June 6, 2021

Exodus 12:43-50

Directions for the Passover

The Lord said to Moses and Aaron: This is the ordinance for the passover: no foreigner shall eat of it, but any slave who has been purchased may eat of it after he has been circumcised; no bound or hired servant may eat of it. It shall be eaten in one house; you shall not take any of the animal outside the house, and you shall not break any of its bones. The whole congregation of Israel shall celebrate it. If an alien who resides with you wants to celebrate the passover to the Lord, all his males shall be circumcised; then he may draw near to celebrate it; he shall be regarded as a native of the land. But no uncircumcised person shall eat of it; there shall be one law for the native and for the alien who resides among you.

All the Israelites did just as the Lord had commanded Moses and Aaron.

Devotion by Lynne Buell

There is no mistaking that it was God’s intent to preserve the purity of the Passover celebration and its specific purpose. After all, God was reminding the Israelites of their salvation from Egypt for which they should be forever thankful, and a mixed assortment of foreigners was prohibited unless the male foreigners agreed to circumcision, and only then they were considered as the children of Israel.

Today we are beginning a new normal at Pilgrimage UCC following over a year of pandemic and uncertainty. It has been more of a struggle for some, and it has been an awakening for others who have learned to adjust to the restrictions from the way life used to be. It is my joy to realize the strength of our faith community and how we all worked together to maintain the spirituality in worshiping virtually.

Now we can be together once again and safely hear each other’s stories from the past year. The Passover was ‘the beginning,’ and our faith continues to begin a new life.


Loving God, we give thanks for helping us through this past year. Faith has taken we believers on a journey, and we are grateful for the opportunity of surviving and seeing what’s ahead. Amen.

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