Devotion - February 11, 2021

2 Kings 2:4-8

Then Elijah said to him, “Stay here, Elisha; the Lord has sent me to Jericho.”

And he replied, “As surely as the Lord lives and as you live, I will not leave you.” So they went to Jericho.

5 The company of the prophets at Jericho went up to Elisha and asked him, “Do you know that the Lord is going to take your master from you today?”

“Yes, I know,” he replied, “so be quiet.”

6 Then Elijah said to him, “Stay here; the Lord has sent me to the Jordan.”

And he replied, “As surely as the Lord lives and as you live, I will not leave you.” So the two of them walked on.

7 Fifty men from the company of the prophets went and stood at a distance, facing the place where Elijah and Elisha had stopped at the Jordan. 8 Elijah took his cloak, rolled it up and struck the water with it. The water divided to the right and to the left, and the two of them crossed over on dry ground.

Devotion by Laurie Spencer

When we devote ourselves to someone or something out of true love, magical things can happen. It could be a teacher, a spouse, a child, a friend. Even a beloved pet. Or, It could be an organization such as a church, or a movement such as Black Lives Matter or a political passion or hobby. Elisha followed His master Elijah, in love, from place to place through one challenge and the next. And magical things did happen!

This Sunday there are going to be three new parishioners joining Pilgrimage. Three people who want to be in community with the church family. To follow, to walk beside and yes, to lead. Eventually they will weave themselves into the history of Pilgrimage.

Elisha followed Elijah out of love. Love is what it takes to say “I do” to Pilgrimage.

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