Devotion - December 17, 2019

Isaiah 7:12-14

But Ahaz said, I will not ask, and I will not put the Lord to the test. Then Isaiah said: ‘Hear then, O house of David! Is it too little for you to weary mortals, that you weary my God also? Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign. Look, the young woman is with child and shall bear a son, and shall name him Immanuel.

Reflection by Janet Derby

The Sunday school curriculum for this week says this about the passage from Isaiah: In the midst of political turmoil, God gives the king a sign of hope. It seems rather pertinent to us today. I imagine every generation since Isaiah spoke these words has found it applicable to some period in their lives and were grateful for the reminder to trust in God.

Because our music programs were scheduled on different Sundays, I was able to sing with both the Pilgrimage choir and my husband’s church choir. It happened that both groups sang one song in common, “All is Well”. It begins this way:

All is well, all is well. Angels and people rejoice. For tonight, darkness fell, into the dawn of love’s light. Sing ale, sing alleluia.

This is the message of Christmas.


God with Us, Thank you for the words of the prophets that speak to us so fittingly during times of turmoil and remind us that love will light the darkness. Help us to know that all is well and to spread your message of peace on Earth. Amen.

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