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Devotion - December 13, 2021

Micah 5:2

But you, O Bethlehem of Ephrathah,

who are one of the little clans of Judah,

from you shall come forth for me

one who is to rule in Israel,

whose origin is from of old,

from ancient days.

Reflection by Janet Derby

As the youngest child in a family of six, I always relish the stories where the littlest one gets the best of things. Advent and Christmas stories are a great time for these. The little town of Bethlehem is chosen for the birth of the Christ in a stable to poor young parents. The news of the birth is first announced to lowly shepherds. For me, one of the best parts of the holiday season is being able to work with the children to bring this story to life. This year in the family service, they will present the story from the viewpoint of reporters from the Bethlehem Times who investigate the story of the shepherds and angels and the baby in the manger. They are telling the story with delight and enthusiasm. It is a reminder, like this one is Micah, that no one or no thing is too small to be a part of the coming of Emmanuel, God with us.


Wondrous God,

Thank you for the stories of Advent and Christmas. Help us to see these stories through the eyes of a child. Amen.

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