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Devotion - 12-6-2021

Isaiah 12:2-6 (Common English Bible)

2 God is indeed my salvation;

I will trust and won’t be afraid.

Yah, the Lord, is my strength and my shield;

he has become my salvation.”

3 You will draw water with joy from the springs of salvation.

4 And you will say on that day:

“Thank the Lord; call on God’s name;

proclaim God’s deeds among the peoples;

declare that God’s name is exalted.

5 Sing to the Lord, who has done glorious things;

proclaim this throughout all the earth.”

6 Shout and sing for joy, city of Zion,

because the holy one of Israel is great among you.

Devotion by Lynne Buell

After reading this Scripture, I thought about the many times that I have been parched and thirsty—usually on a steamy summer day. When I can quench that thirst, I recall how that chilled beverage gave me a feeling of overwhelming satisfaction that went beyond words. (Kind of like the morning’s first sip of coffee makes me feel as well!)

The same feeling affects me when I am aware of the Holy Spirit’s existence during times of sadness and moments of pure joy.

I am grateful for God’s presence when I suffer grief, illness, and lonesomeness. I ascertained a strategy by not asking to take these bad things away, however. I pray for understanding the dilemma, providing strength for getting through it, and what I can learn from the experience.

I praise God for the feathered creatures that take over my bird feeder outside of the window in my kitchen nook; the diverse species all together peeping and eating always produce a sudden stillness in my busy routine. The brilliance of the leaves during fall on a bright sunny day have often caused a beep from behind when I’ve been in awe at a stop light gazing at the trees.

During our ‘journey’ through Advent, perhaps we should embrace how God is able to make bad things work for good and appreciate the marvels of God’s creations; especially the purpose of bringing Jesus into our world.


Gracious Creator,

Help us to reflect You in our lives with grace, goodness, and understanding. Amen.

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