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Devotion - 11-28-2021

Jeremiah 3:14-16 (Contemporary English Version)

14 You are unfaithful children,

but you belong to me.

Come home!

I’ll take one or two of you

from each town and clan

and bring you to Zion.

15 Then I’ll appoint wise rulers

who will obey me,

and they will care for you

like shepherds.

16 You will increase in numbers,

and there will be no need

to remember the sacred chest

or to make a new one.

Devotion by Anne Mooney

Metaphors…I love them. They give meaning to experiences and offer lessons that bring silver linings to times of grief and suffering.

Jeremiah’s message reminds us of the promise of hope that Advent brings. The Advent story is a metaphor for life, which continually provides us with times of joy and despair, victories and failures. There are times where we lose our way and forget where we came from and to whom we belong. There are times when we fall short of our dreams and the expectations of those who love us.

Yet Advent, like this message from Jeremiah brings hope of God’s promise that Emmanuel is coming. God is with us. We just need to remember and accept our Creator’s gift of grace.

We can live in God’s Kin-dom trusting that we are God’s people. We can show up for each other like Emmanuel shows up for us through good times and bad. We can look forward and not back.


Dear Creator,

Thank you for the promise of Advent that reminds us we are not alone. You are with us, giving us light for the journeys of our lives. Amen

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