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Daily Devotion - September 6, 2018

2 Chronicles 7:17-18

As for you, if you walk before me, as your father David walked, doing according to all that I have commanded you and keeping my statutes and my ordinances, then I will establish your royal throne, as I made covenant with your father David saying, “You shall never lack a successor to rule over Israel.”

Devotion by Lynne Buell

God approached and assured Solomon that Israel will be restored to greatness as long as they repent and seek the Lord in worship, devotion, and faithfulness. Simply, pray for guidance and listen for how God wants us to live (according to God’s commands); this is the major component for building a firm faith foundation.

Just as Solomon’s desire was to re-establish Israel’s future successes, the Pilgrimage community realized the importance of prayer for strength and guidance during our period of transition. We’ve prayed together—more than likely for various reasons—and we’ve followed the Spirit’s lead. Just take a moment to look back on our accomplishments over the past six months.

I can’t help but feel excitement for what the next six months is going to bring!


Gracious God, I pray with all my heart that you continue to give us strength and direction so that our faith community and personal lives are resilient and peaceful. Amen.

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