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Daily Devotion - September 17, 2018

1 Chronicles 13:1-2

The Ark Brought from Kiriath-jearim

David consulted with the commanders of the thousands and of the hundreds, with every leader. David said to the whole assembly of Israel, ‘If it seems good to you, and if it is the will of the Lord our God, let us send abroad to our kindred who remain in all the land of Israel, including the priests and Levites in the cities that have pasture lands, that they may come together to us.

Reflection by Janet Derby

When I read this passage, it seemed to be very appropriate to our country’s current political climate. Since the last election, and even prior to it, there has been a lot of discussion about urban vs. rural voters. According to the New York Times, election results show that urban and rural Americans are increasingly at odds with each other. A new PEW survey confirms both believe the other group doesn’t understand their problems or share their values. I wonder if Israel was experiencing the same kind of divide in David’s time. Perhaps that is why he felt it wise to reach out to those outside his immediate area. It may have been a good opportunity to remind them all that they were all God’s people and should come together to celebrate that. We would do well to follow David’s lead.


God of All, Thank you for all who remind us that we are all your beloved children. Help us come together to do your work in the world. Amen.

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