Daily Devotion - October 9, 2018

Job 23:16-17

God has made my heart faint; the Almighty has terrified me; If only I could vanish in darkness, and thick darkness would cover my face!

Reflection by Rev. Krista


This scripture recounts what Job is feeling and how frustrated he is with all that he has experienced. He shares these thoughts with one of friends, a seemingly safe place to bare his soul. Job admits his fear of God and how he wishes he could 'hide'.

We all could use a friend like Job's friend. Someone we can talk frankly too and be really honest with, even when recounting our fears and frustrations with God. We are human after all, and there will be a time (or two or three) when we will fear what God will do next and we may want to run and hide. Then I look at the first word of verse 17, "If". A small word that has so much meaning. "If I could just hide" means that Job could not hide. Job, like many of us, knew that sometimes running and hiding no matter how fearful things may appear, is not an option. If I hide, then fear wins and faith never has the opportunity to grow. If I hide, then the naysayers win and I never have the chance to live out my purpose. If, instead of hiding, I stay in my place, face my fears and trust God.


Dear God, I pray for the 'if' statements that cause me to run and hide from you and your purpose for my life. The 'ifs' that indicate shame and holds me captive. God, I pray that you release me now from the 'ifs'. Please provide the courage and strength to be like Job in the sense that I may want to hide but I know I must stay right where I am and you will bring me through. Amen.

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