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Daily Devotion - November 7, 2018

Hebrews 11:7

By faith Noah, warned by God about events as yet unseen, respected the warning and built an ark to save his household; by this he condemned the world and became an heir to the righteousness that is in accordance with faith.

Devotion by Julia Shiver

To have such faith that one could follow God’s command, no matter where it takes you, could only happen when we turn ourselves fully over to God. Chris and I have long-time friends who did just that. They sold everything they had, and with their three small children, went to Peru to be missionaries. They had to learn the language and the culture. They had to find ways to educate their children. They had to leave family and friends behind.

Arthur and Mary Alice took the word of God to those people. They also taught them new methods of farming cocoa and coffee so that the people could be self-sustaining. They modeled a happy, healthy marriage in a place where women weren’t respected. They have faced many challenges over the years. Children growing up and leaving. Being away as parents become elderly and ill. The harsh reality of living in a poor rural area.

Yet, the faith that first guided them to begin this journey, has sustained them through all of it. That is the kind of faith that I pray for, for the enduring trust and believe that I am following God’s will for my life.

Dear God,

I go wherever you send me in this life, knowing that you will give me the strength and courage to face anything. Amen.

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